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V Rising: How to Get the General’s Soul Reaper | Best Weapon in the Game

There are tons of strong and powerful weapons in the game, but the best one by far is definitely the General’s Soul Reaper. Unsurprisingly, it’s a weapon you can only obtain from the endgame.




There are a total of 7 different weapon types in V Rising, each of them having its own mechanics and specialties. However, if we are to argue which is the best weapon by far, I would confidently say it’s the General’s Soul Reaper.

As the name implies, this weapon belongs to the Reaper weapon type, which means it has a rather slow attack speed.

But to make up for it, reapers will deal a massive amount of damage once it hits. They also deal slash damage which is quite effective when you’re up against undead enemies.

The General’s Soul Reaper stands out from the rest of the other reapers due to its stats. For starters, it has +18.5 Physical Power, +5% Spell Critical Strike Chance, +6% Spell Power, as well as a +25% bonus physical damage against undead.

However, to get your hands on this weapon, you’ll need to acquire its recipe first. This guide will show you how.

How to Get the General’s Soul Reaper in V Rising

To get the General’s Soul Reaper, you need to obtain its recipe first. The recipe can be looted from an Undead Commander who can spawn in either the Haunted Iron Mine or the Church of the Damned. Once you have the recipe, you have to consume it first to unlock its crafting in the Smithy. After that, you’ll want to gather the following materials:

  • 3 Greater Blood Essence
  • 3 Regular Miststone
  • 12 Plank
  • 18 Iron Ingots
  • 90 Gem Dust

Once you acquired all of these materials, simply head over to your Smithy. This might sound easy, but the thing is that some of the materials you need to craft the weapon are only available in the endgame.

For example, you’ll need to farm a handful of Unsullied Hearts in order to craft Greater Blood Essences. For Iron Ingots, you’ll want to head over to the Haunted Iron Mine to gather this resource.

As soon as you have crafted the weapon, you’ll then find that it’s a lot easier to fight against certain bosses due to how ridiculously OP it is. It even has an AOE spell that deals massive damage over a wide area. So if you’re planning to be as overpowered as can be, then I highly recommend getting this weapon.

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