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V Rising: How to Get All Recipes Guide

There are tons of stuff to craft in V Rising, from simple consumables and potions to powerful weapons and armors. But before you can start crafting, you have to obtain their respective recipes first.




Pretty much like any other survival game, crafting plays a key role in V Rising. Via crafting, you can gain access to consumables and gear that will significantly help with your progression. However, you’ll have to unlock their recipes first.

If you’ve played the game for a few hours, you’ll know that there are tons of craftable items in the game. So if you want to unlock all of them, you have to spend hours upon hours doing a ton of activities. This guide will show you how.

Before anything, you might want to check out this crafting guide in V Rising to help you go through the entire crafting process with ease.

How to Get All Recipes Guide in V Rising

There are a few ways to unlock new recipes in the game. The first is by killing bosses who are known as V Blood Carriers. These are powerful entities that you can find throughout the world of Vardoran. Successfully defeating them will grant you specific recipes that will help you progress further.

Another method is to craft certain structures. For example, building the Workbench will allow you to unlock a wide variety of recipes including armors and weapons. However, you also have to go back to hunting various bosses to unlock even more recipes.

But then again, these bosses are quite tough and powerful, so a lot of preparation is required. Ideally, you want to equip the right gear and have the right gear score. Somewhere around 25-30 gear score is enough to let you take on early game bosses.

However, for the stronger ones, you’ll need to use better gear which can only be crafted once you have their recipes. If you want to check all crafting recipes, you can open the V Blood menu by pressing O. This will display the entire list of bosses as well as their rewards.

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