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V Rising: Crafting Guide | Everything You Need to Know

V Rising is yet to release, so there’s not much information going on about most of its mechanics. However, there are some tidbits of information we’ve known so far regarding its crafting system.




Crafting is an integral part of any survival game. In V Rising, crafting is done via workstations that you can only build inside your castle. And in order to build a castle, you’ll need something known as the Castle Heart and keep it well-fed with blood in order to keep your castle running. It will also power up all of your crafting stations.

There’s not much information about crafting in the game since it’s yet to release a few hours from now, but here are some that I’ve gathered across the dev vlogs shown so far.

Everything You Need to Know About Crafting in V Rising

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need a castle and a well-fed Castle Heart in order to keep your workstations running. These workstations include a crafting station, production station, refining station, and specialty station, each having its own specific purpose.

If your Castle Heart goes empty, your entire castle, including the structures inside of it, will start decaying.

To start crafting, you have to collect resources and learn crafting recipes if you want to craft specific items. You can obtain these resources in the open world while certain recipes can be obtained by slaying enemies such as humans and the powerful V Blood Carriers.

Resources such as wood, copper, and animal hide are some of the most essential resources you’d want to look into while venturing out in the open.

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