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Four Gods: How To Level Up Faster Guide

Four Gods, a game recently released on WEMIX, has attracted players, but they are a few things that players need to know to enjoy the game.




Four Gods system is a blockchain-based MMORPG that allows you to make money while you play. However, learning the game’s mechanics might be difficult, especially for beginners. 

How To Level Up Faster Guide- Four Gods

In Four Gods, the goal is to collect as many red gems as possible, and these red gems can be found in various places. If you’ve ordered enough, you can exchange them for LUX tokens; the game’s NFT tokens.

There are different ways to level up in this game; these ways will be mentioned in this article.

Earn Red Gems 

The player must enter a tower and defeat the enemies to obtain the Red Gems. The player must collect as many red gems as possible before being able to convert them into LUX tokens, which are a cryptocurrency that runs on the Binance smart chain, and a LUX token comprises at least 100,000 red gems. 

Learn more on how to earn Red Gems with this guide

Tower Of The Departed

The Tower of the departed is located on the Ki continent. To enter the Tower, there is a need for an Entrance ticket. The cost of the Entrance ticket is 5,250 Red Gems.

As soon as you enter the Tower, start killing any monster you see, as each of the monsters has a chance to drop Red Gems. Through this, you can pay back the cost of the ticket you have purchased while entering the Tower.

Increasing Gear Score and Upgrading Gear

You’ll need an upgrade orb of the same grade as the gear you’re upgrading to upgrade it. You will raise the item’s grade when you upgrade it.

Your goal should be to increase your leveling capacity as quickly as possible while also improving your gear score as much as possible.

Acquisition of Green Gems 

Unlike the Red Gems, Green Gems can’t be quickly earned, they can be bought at the store, and the lowest is $4 for 300 Green Gems. Others include $9 for 600 Gems, $29 for 2040 Gems, etc.

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