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V Rising: Fishing Guide | How to Fish

Fishing has been a staple in many games, and it’s good to see it in V Rising as well. However, there are a couple of things you need to do before you can even start catching some fish.




As a survival game, you’re expected to do a ton of activities in V Rising just to get the resources and materials you need for progression. One of those activities is fishing. By fishing, you’ll be able to obtain fish which is a great source of materials like meat, fish oil, and more.

In order to start fishing, you need to unlock it first by crafting a fishing rod. If you’re still quite new to the game and want to engage in this activity, this guide is for you.

Fishing Guide | How to Fish in V Rising

As mentioned, you’ll need to unlock fishing first by crafting a fishing rod. You can find it in your Crafting Bench which can only be accessed after defeating Rufus the Foreman.

After defeating him, you’ll be able to use the Woodworking Bench which is where you’re going to craft your fishing rod. He will also drop the fishing rod recipe which requires 4 Copper Ingots, 4 Coarse Threads, and 8 Planks.

Once you have all the required materials, simply interact with the craft bench to craft the rod. Now you’re ready to start fishing.

How to Catch Fish

Unlike other games, you have to be in a specific spot in order to catch fish in V Rising. Specifically, you can only fish in spots that have bubbles coming up from the water. These are the only fishable areas in the game.

As soon as you find bubbles in bodies of water, simply head over to that area, then press right-click to cast your rod. Wait for a few seconds for the spot to start glowing then left click to reel in your catch.

Best Places for Fishing

To help you fish efficiently in the game, I have listed the various fishing spots located throughout Vardoran. They’re as follows:

  • Farbane Woods – 6 fishing spots total
  • Hallowed Mountains – only 2 fishing spots
  • Silverlight Hills – 5 total with 3 right next to each other
  • Dunley Farmlands – only 2 fishing spots

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