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V Rising: Unsullied Heart Farm Guide

The Unsullied Heart is a really precious item that you need to craft the Greater Blood Essence which is really important to keep your castle up and running. However, you’ll need to farm a lot of this item first.




At one point in the game, you’ll need Greater Blood Essence. This allows you to craft a handful of items such as Servant’s Coffin as well as higher-quality gear which you’ll need to progress.

However, in order to craft a Greater Blood Essence, you’ll need to get four Unsullied Hearts first.

The problem is that this item is a rare find. Therefore, you’ll need to look for an efficient way to farm a lot of it. Luckily, I got the right guide just for you.

Unsullied Heart Farm Guide in V Rising

First and foremost, there’s no guaranteed way of getting an Unsullied Heart.

If you want to get your hands on a Greater Blood Essence without farming for Unsullied Hearts, you can instead wait until mid-game. Then, defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter to obtain the recipe.

With this recipe, you’ll no longer need to farm Unsullied Hearts since you can just use regular Blood Essences instead.

Meanwhile, if you really want to get your hands on Unsullied Hearts so you can upgrade your stuff as soon as possible, then you’d do well to follow this guide.

Specifically, what you should do in order to farm as many Unsullied Hearts as possible is to kill the bosses in Blood Altar as almost every boss you kill will drop the item.

However, there were some reports from players that Unsullied Hearts can also drop from mobs that have a higher level compared to regular mobs.

You can find these mobs in certain areas on the map. Lower-level bosses like Keely the Frost Archer or the Alpha Wolf have also been reported to drop the item. Therefore, farming them is a good option.

Lastly, several players stated that they have higher rates of success when farming enemies that are above level 30. So if you think you can handle those high-level enemies, then that option would be your most efficient one.

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