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V Rising: Ultimate Servant Guide

In V Rising, you can get Servants at one point in the game who you can task with doing a lot of petty stuff including collecting resources, powering up your Castle Heart, defending your castle, and more.




As you start gaining more and more power, you’ll need the services of servants around you. They are essential to doing all the mundane tasks inside your castle.

These servants will do your bidding and take care of various tasks related to maintaining your castle. Not only that, but they can also serve as your faithful army.

You want to keep in mind that no two servants are the same. So, if you want to make a formidable army of powerful servants, you need to put a lot of work in.

In this ultimate servant guide, I’m going to show you what you need to do in order to get the most powerful servants in the game.

Ultimate Servant Guide in V Rising

The game will eventually tell you how to get servants once you progressed enough.

In the main questline, you’ll get a quest called Army of Darkness. This will give you the task of converting humans into your faithful servants with the use of Dominating Presence.

After that, they will then be sent into your castle after which you have to put them inside a servant’s coffin.

Once you have obtained your servants, you’ll then be able to unlock the Castle Throne blueprint. This will let you build the Castle Throne where you can manage your servants and assign them tasks.

Creating Powerful Servants

There are a few factors you should consider when it comes to creating an army of powerful servants.

First of all, a servant’s background matters. This is because humans come in various blood types, with each type associated with various perks depending on its quality.

For example, a human with a Warrior blood type will have access to perks revolving around physical power and weapon skills. If that same human has a high Blood Quality as well, then it will even boost its overall power as it can access all of those perks at the same time.

Another factor is their faction which is determined by the location where you get them from. For example, a human hunter from Dunley Farmlands will obtain more loots when hunting in the same area.

The last one is their gear. While converted humans will have their own gear in their person, you can make improvements to said gear in order to boost their overall effectiveness.

The better the gear you give your servants, the higher their success rate when it comes to taking on dangerous missions.

Not only that, but it will also boost their overall power which can be really useful when defending your castle.

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World Of Warcraft: Creektooth Den Quest Guide

Creektooth Den resides the miniboss “Root of Decay”





The Creektooth Den Quests are one of the many quests you encounter in World of Warcraft. The Creektooth questline is a series of quest that requires you to kill certain monsters and collect certain items. This guide will help you accomplish these quests. Let’s dive in.

What is the Creektooth Den Questline?

They are a series of 5 quests that make up the questline. They are By Royal Decree, Rat Rancher, Keys to the Kingdom, Making a Mountain out of a Gnoll Hill, and One Bad Apple.

Let’s go through them each one to give you a better view of what to do.

By Royal Decree

Accomplishing this quest requires you to kill 8 Brackenhide Warriors and 4 Brackenhid shamans in Creektooth Den. It is found in the Azure Span. It is one of the Subzones of the Azure Span.

Rat Rancher

You need to collect 20 Smelly Ooze from the decaying rot. This requires you to kill Errant rots and collect their decaying rot.

Keys to the Kingdom

This quest requires you to collect the key and Gnoll “Lances” and use it to open the weapon cache. This portion is easy because all you need to do is go to this location and retrieve the key.

The Gnoll “Lances” can be found in one of the barrels in the location below. It’s surrounded by enemy creatures so prepare for a fight to retrieve this item.

Making a Mountain out of a Gnoll Hill

This portion requires you to hop on a slime to destroy 3 decay totems. The totems are easily identifiable. The challenge of the quest is that they are surrounded by Errant Rot.

So this quest requires you to fight against them, to destroy the decay totems.

One Bad Apple

Finally, the final quest of the series is to kill the Root of Decay. First, open the 2 cages and kill the inhabitants then consult the third cage.

Next, pull the vine and prepare for battle because this will spawn the Root of Decay. All you need to do next is to make sure you defeat the Root of decay to wrap up the questline.

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