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V Rising: Resource Guide | Where To Get Them

V Rising features a lot of resources you have to gather in order to craft gear, upgrade your castle, build structures, and a whole lot more.




As a survival game, you will need a lot of resources to progress further in V Rising. In fact, even keeping your castle functioning alone will require tons of resources.

And if you don’t know which resources you need the most and where to farm them, then it will be really hard to survive in the game.

To help you with that, I have created this resource guide to help you know which resources to look out for and where to farm them.

Resource Guide and Where to Get Them in V Rising

Without further ado, here are the most important resources in V Rising and where you can get them:

Gem Rocks

Gem Rocks are an important resource that you’ll need to craft jewelry. They can be easily spotted by the nodes that have spikes coming out of them.

You can find a lot of these nodes as you explore areas in the game.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is yet another important which you’ll need during the latter stages of the game. Specifically, fish oil is used to convert leather to its highest quality version.

You can obtain this resource by killing monsters once you progress through the Dunley Farmlands.


Silver is a rare resource that you need to convert into dark silver to use. Check out our guide on how to get Dark Silver Ingot in V Rising.

As with pop culture, silver will damage vampires, so make sure not to bring too much of it with you since the more silver you carry, the more damage you’ll take.

This resource can only be farmed in the Silverlight Hills.


Iron is a pretty useful resource that will allow you to create iron tools, making the ordeal of killing monsters a lot easier.

You can find a lot of iron ores once you progress through the Dunley Farmlands.


Copper is a vital early-game resource that lets you craft tools and build structures. You can find a lot of copper ores throughout the game, especially in early-game areas.

You can spot them by their pointy rock formations with a copper color.


Cotton is an essential resource that remains relevant throughout the game. To farm it, you need to head over to cotton farms and slash the cotton fields for cotton to start dropping.

Grave Dust

Lastly, there’s the Grave Dust which you’ll need for almost everything you do. You can convert it into Scourgestone which you can use to craft magical objects and consumables.

To obtain Grave Dust, simply head over to the cemetery and convert the bones that you find there.

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