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V Rising: How to Get Cotton

Cotton is a really important resource for crafting mid-game armors. However, you have to venture a bit further into the open to obtain it.




As you progress through the game, you’ll eventually unlock the Loom and the Tailoring Bench. These are two important workstations that you’ll need to craft the Hollowfang Set. However, to even craft each of the set’s pieces, you’ll need a lot of Cotton Yarns.

Cotton Yarns can be crafted via the Loom, but you’ll need a lot of Cotton for this. As such, if you’re struggling to find Cotton in the game, this guide is for you.

How to Get Cotton in V Rising

Cotton can be obtained within the Dunley Farmlands, specifically inside Cotton Farms. You can find several of them within the region, and the highlighted areas in the map above pinpoint where those farms are.

Once you reach these farms, you’ll notice that they have garlic scattered within the perimeter. Staying in the area for too long will grant you a debuff which causes you to take more damage depending on the stack. It also reduces your damage and makes it easier for enemies to spot you.

Inside these farms are plots of Cotton that you can harvest using your tools. I highly suggest using either Sword or Slashers, alongside the Worker Blood Type, so you can obtain as many Cotton as possible per harvest.

After you have gathered enough Cotton, simply go back to your base and refine them into Cotton Yarns.

Getting a Steady Cotton Supply

Obtaining Cotton from Cotton Farms won’t be enough, as other players will also be targeting them. Hence, if you want a steady supply of Cotton at your base, the best option is to plant it. The problem is that Cotton Seeds are hard to come by.

You can’t actually buy them from any of the merchants, so you have to smash the crates and barrels within the farm. Once you have enough seeds, simply plant them in your base’s garden for a steady supply of Cotton.

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