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V Rising: How to Get Dark Silver Ingot

The Dark Silver Ingot is an endgame material you use to craft endgame items. It’s a bit complicated to craft though if you’re not well-prepared.




Once you reach the endgame of V Rising, you’ll notice that you’ll need tons of Dark Silver Ingots to craft a lot of stuff, particularly weapons. However, obtaining this material is a bit tricky if you’re unprepared.

The reason is because you’ll need Silver Ores which you’ll refine into Dark Silver Ingots.

The problem is that since you’re a vampire, you’re susceptible to silver. Basically, staying in the Sacred Silver Mine for too long will cause your health to drop. This is why you want to drink a Silver Resistance Brew first before you start mining.

If you’re unsure how to get Dark Silver Ingot in the game, this guide is for you.

How to Get Dark Silver Ingot in V Rising

As mentioned, you’ll need Silver Ores to craft Dark Silver Ingots. These can only be obtained inside the Sacred Silver Mine located northwest of Silverlight Hills. You should also first unlock the Dark Silver Ingot recipe by defeating Octavian in the Bastion of Dunley.

Once you have gathered enough Silver Ore, head over to your furnace and place your ores alongside Scourgestones to start refining them into Dark Silver Ingots. You can farm Scourgestones from the Church of the Damned or unlock its recipe by defeating Leandra the Shadow Priestess.

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