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V Rising: How to Get Merciless Copper Weapons

Merciless Copper Weapons are the next weapon tier right after Copper. However, getting them isn’t as straightforward as you would expect.




Merciless Copper weapons are the next step in progression right after Copper weapons. They’re a considerable upgrade since you can now start mining Iron in the game. However, obtaining Merciless Copper weapons isn’t as straightforward as you would when unlocking the Copper ones.

If you don’t know how to get Merciless Copper weapons yet, then this guide is for you.

How to Get Merciless Copper Weapons in V Rising

There are only two ways to get Merciless Copper Weapons in the game. One is to discover it randomly as a technology on your Research Desk while the other is to get a Research book from enemies. Both of these require a bit of luck and a lot of grinding.

However, there are a few ways to expedite the process. They’re as follows:

  • Farm as many papers as possible to unlock the technology in your Research Desk. Each research will cost you around 50 Papers. However, the best method to get as many papers as possible is to craft the Paper Press.
  • Hunt Clive the Firestarter and farm him for a Merciless Copper Weapon’s research book.

Once you have finally unlocked a Merciless Copper Weapon, simply head over to your Simple Workbench and gather the required materials to start crafting.

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