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V Rising: Polara The Feywalker Location

V Rising is a survival crafting game that puts players in the shoes of a vampire looking to rebuild a lost empire.




After decades of hibernation, you awaken as a weaker Vampire who must hunt for blood in local communities to replenish your health while hiding from the hot sun.

You can track single or with pals in a vast open world as you pillage villages, assault bandit camps, and travel across the realms of mystical monsters.

Polara The Feywalker Location- V Rising

Polara The Feywalker is a V blood carrier that becomes available after you have completed the blood hunt mission. Polara is capable of throwing wind elemental-type projectiles.

She is also able to summon minions, known as pixies. Pixies are of the same element that can also cause and perform similar attacks.

Polara The Feywalker Location

To find Polara, you’d have to get to level 34 mission quest and this can be collected by interacting with the Blood Altar. While interacting with the Blood Altar and accepting the mission, you will use the Altar to track Polara The Feywalker.

You can find Polara The Feywalker over in the Gleaming Meadows, on the western side of Farbane Woods. We recommend joining or forming a clan for this mission. Otherwise, you will have to deal with a more protracted process for solo play.


Taking out Polara The Feywalker will allow you to get the Spectral Wolf and Veil of Illusion powers and the Vampire Waygate outer structure.

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Grounded: Where to Find Toenail | Location Guide

Toenail can be used to craft a Tier 3 Weapon like the Toenail Scimitar





Grounded is full of wacky yet vital and creative resources. Since we are shrunk to the size of an action figure, we can use various resources that we normally wouldn’t. One resource that fits this description is the Toenail. Despite obvious reasons, the Toenail is used is needed in crafting strong tier 3 weapons like the Toenail Scimitar.

But how do we even get Toenails? Luckily, this guide will help you find Toenail resource that is usually hard to find. Let’s go.

Where to Find Toenail?

You can find Toenails in the Dirty Ashtray located in Shed Surroundings. The Area is full of deadly creatures so make sure you have formidable weapons and gear at your disposal.

To Find the Dirty Ashtray, you first make your way to the Samsquanch Dirt Bike. It’s the giant red bike that’s laid on the ground and is one of the easy ways to reach the deck of the Shed.

Once you make your way to the deck, keep moving forward until you see a green hose. Climb the green hose until you reach the Bomber Baseball Bat.

When you reach the end of the bat, you will be forced to glide onto the chair filled with hostile insects. Once you land, quickly get onto the hammer to safely get away from the creatures.

You will then see a table with an ashtray placed on it. Simply, climb the ashtray where you will see many toenail resources you can harvest. Ripe with yours for the taking!

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