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V Rising: Secret Mini-Boss Drops Valuable Loot

The Scarecrow Boss is a secret mini-boss in V Rising who drops a lot of essential loots that you might want to check out.




You need to defeat certain bosses in V Rising to obtain a new ability or specific recipes. These bosses are usually tracked by the Blood Altar, and you can kill them by tracking their blood.

However, a hidden mini-boss that drops valuable loot has recently been discovered in the game. You may have already encountered it while in the fields. If you want to know more about this secret boss, keep reading the article below.

Secret Mini-Boss Drops Valuable Loot in V Rising

The Scarecrow is a secret boss found in the fields when you visit the farms or abandoned farms all over the map.

Striking the Scarecrow will award you with a Plant Fibre, but once you hit it too hard, the Scarecrow will come to life and try to kill you. We will teach you about the Scarecrow mini-boss, its attacks, and what rewards you can get by defeating it.

Locating Scarecrow Boss

First things first, the Scarecrow boss is level 54, which is relatively high for a mini-boss. Defeating this enemy would be difficult for those with low gear scores.

If you’re still low level and you see a scarecrow, be wary of hitting it since there’s a chance that it will come to life, and you might end up dying.

However, if you’re already a high-level player, all you have to do is hit every Scarecrow you encounter in the fields. One of them will spring to life, allowing you to fight the mini-boss.

The Scarecrow’s first attack is a basic stabbing attack. You can easily escape it by hitting it with your melee weapon before dashing back. Its second attack is tossing two sickles in a specific direction while spinning, similar to an Axe’s E ability. You can simply run away and use a long-range ability to hit the Scarecrow.

The Scarecrow also has an Area of Effect (AoE) Fear ability. If you are in the area, you will take damage. However, the site is small enough that you can simply dodge it and hit the monster with a long-range attack again. It also possesses a counter-attack ability in which it vanishes and teleports near you.

Once defeated, the Scarecrow has a possibility of dropping the following valuable loot: Wool Thread, Plant Fibre, Snow Flower Seed, and Scourgestones (up to 5).

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