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V Rising: Powerful Berserker Axe Build | Weapons, Abilities & Gears

V Rising is a Multiplayer Survival Action-Adventure game where players create and level up their vampires and explore an open world to become more powerful.




You play as a weakened Vampire who woke up from slumber in this game. Now you must gather resources, battle foes, & build up your Army. Develop your castle over time as you collect resources and complete quests. But before you can build your Army, you should first try and get a perfect build for your Character. 

Powerful Berserker Axe Build Guide| Weapons, Abilities & Gears – V Rising

In V Rising, there are different weapons that players can equip, and they can make their build according to the weapon they are using and the abilities of that weapon. Players believe axes are the most potent weapons to counter bandits, animals, monsters, and other players. It is the best approach to self-survival, self-sustaining, healing, bare fighting, and killing capabilities. This guide will provide you with the best berserker Axe to use and its abilities.

The Sanguine Axes

This is a weapon you most definitely want to use. It is a 24-gear level weapon with a Physical Power of 27.9. This weapon also has two potent abilities, Frenzy ability, also called Projectile, and X strike. The Projectile does 100% physical damage at the first hit. After attacking, it enhances your movement speed by 25% and your attack speed by 30% for 0.8 seconds. X strike does 85% damage and slows the enemy for 1.5s.

Gear Set

The gear set you want to use for this build is the Bloodmoon gear. It is one of the end-game gear that gives specific buffs to players’ stats. For example, the gear will provide a 6% increase in movement speed and a 6% increase in attack speed, and it also increases the Gear Level by 1.

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