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V Rising: How to Get Rare Capes and Custom Headgear

What uses for the rare capes and bespoke headgear in V Rising? The hats in V Rising don’t have much use, but they are stylish.




V Rising players desire cosmetic items not just to differentiate themselves but to also show off thier accomplishment because unique capes and customized hats are difficult to come by; due to their rarity, these caps are not found in the crafting menu.

How to Get Rare Capes and Custom Headgear – V Rising

On the other hand, these things have fantastic stats that will aid you till the end of the game. The Immortal king cloak, for example, is a rare item. It’s the Phantom’s Veil, and it’s a DLC item. If you know someone who has the DLC, they can assist you in crafting it, but if you already have it, it will pop. There are additional DLC items with the same stats as of this one.

Dunley Farmland

There are also some very unique ones that you most likely haven’t ever seen, like the Asphalt Crystal Ice Cloak, Thousand Stitch Cloak, and Hermit Shawl, but they can only be found in the Dunley farmland that is pretty early in the game, and they do come with very nice stats.

So to get these rare items, you have to farm at the Dunley farmland. There are different points in the farmland that has a golden chest. The golden chests contain rare items. So find your way into the mines and search for the golden chests. Do not neglect other kinds of chests. 

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