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V Rising: How to Find the Best Horse

In V Rising, you can mount horses by finding one in the wild and forming a bond with it. But did you know there is a way to determine your horse’s stats?




You’ve probably met a horse and built a bond with it throughout your time in V Rising, without any clue how to care for them or if they’re better than the other horses.

Well, this isn’t exactly your fault since the game doesn’t have any tutorial when it comes to horses. But, there is no need to worry.

This guide will help you find the best horse that can aid you in becoming the best Vampire.

How to Find the Best Horse in V Rising

In locating the best horse in V Rising, there is actually no method to locate specific horses in the same exact place.

This is because each horse’s statistics and colors are chosen at random. So, finding the best horse possible depends on how lucky you are. However, it’s essential to know the basics of horses in V Rising.

Acquiring a Horse

Dudley Farmlands is the best location to look for horses, specifically in the areas marked above. This location is not only accessible in the early game, it also has an abundance of horses that it is guaranteed you can find one.

If you do find one you like, simply saddle the horse to tame it. However, what’s the point of having the best horse when it eventually dies of thirst? This is why it’s crucial to give them Water.

You must defeat Kaylie, the Forest Archer, who will give you the recipe for Empty Flasks. After beating her, you can use Plant Fiber and Leather to make Empty Flasks at the Tannery.

In your Inventory, you can also head to the Crafting Section or the Alchemy Table to create flasks. The maximum number of flasks that horses can store is five.

You can fill the flask by going to a source of Water. After filling, return to the horse and press Tab to reveal its Inventory menu, where you can move the water-filled flasks. Check for every few hours to ensure the horse has what it needs to survive.

Now that you know how to care for a horse, you’re on to the next question. How do you know which horse is better than the rest?

When you interact with a horse, its Inventory Menu will display stats such as Maximum Speed, Acceleration, and Agility. Examine every horse you encounter to know which one is the best.

Although there may not always be significant differences between your present and a new horse, choose it if the new mount is superior.

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