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V Rising: Best Frost Abilities Ranked

In V Rising, players need to improve their vampire character with various abilities continuously.




As a survival game, you can expect different crafting and looting to equip your lord of the night with new, more powerful gear as you progress. In this article, we will discuss how to understand ultimate abilities.

Best Frost Abilities Ranked – V Rising

Players in V Rising have access to three separate tiers of powers and various weapons and gears. In addition, bloods abilities are divided into three categories: essential, travel, and ultimate abilities, as well as disciplines.

Frost ability – Crystal Lance

This is another projectile ability that has your vampire throw a frozen spear at an enemy that, assuming it hits, deals an initial 150% of your magic damage, plus inflicts the Chill effect. If you don’t know, hitting an enemy affected by Chill will cause them to become frozen, at which point they can’t move or act for four seconds (or half that time if used against another player in PvP).

If you land the Crystal Lance, it will also shatter into additional projectiles that scatter outward for 50% of the initial damage but still carry the Chill effect. Not only is this good single-target damage, but also fantastic crowd control ability.

Basic Ability – Front Barrier

There is a 10% increase in movement speed with a black melee and a projectile attack in your presence for 2 seconds. There is a chance of increasing Chill when the barrier is struck.

Ultimate Ability – Arctic Leap

About 225% of magic damage occurs when you leap into the air and cause a strike down at the target location. Any enemy freezes for 6 seconds while the vampire enemy for 3 seconds due to the nova eruption of frost at the location.

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