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V Rising: How To Get Creative Mode

Just like Minecraft, V Rising lets you experiment with the game’s building mechanics via a Creative Mode. However, the method to activate it is a bit different.




V Rising lacks the traditional Creative Mode that other games like Minecraft offers. However, it does offer some form of a Creative Mode via console commands. Basically, what you’ll be doing is turning on the console so you can input various console commands. This pretty much functions as a Creative Mode.

While it does have its limitations, it will still allow you to experiment with tons of stuff in the same way a Creative Mode does. To find out how to do this, simply read the guide below.

How to Get Creative Mode in V Rising

To get Creative Mode, you have to first turn on the settings in the Options. Upon launching the game on Steam, click Options, look for the General tab, and in the Interface section, check the box for the Console Enabled option.

Once done, click Play and create a Private Game. In the game creation menu, you’ll be able to set a ton of options. First off, you’ll want to change the Game Settings Ruleset to Standard PVE Easy. After that, click Advanced Game Settings. Here, you can adjust a lot of sliders for various in-game mechanics.

In the Progression tab, you can also set your Starting Equipment. Ideally, you’ll want to slide it all the way to the max gear level which is 80. This will give you the full Bloodmoon Armor set. You can also check all of the boxes under Unlocked Journal as well as Unlocked Research.

Once you’ve set the parameters you want, simply click Save, then click Start New Game. After you started the game, press the tilde (~) key to open the Console. You can then enter a ton of console commands here.

For starters, type “adminauth” then press Enter to give you administrator privileges. You can then type “List” to give you a list of all available console commands.

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