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V Rising: Where to Find Whetstone | Important Resources Guide

In V Rising, you need to farm various materials to sustain your clan and dominate the game.




After a long wait, V Rising is finally here, and players are eager to get their hands on the various resources in the game. There’s an abundance of materials scattered across different domains, dungeons, and certain areas.

One of them, the Whetstone, is said to be the most scarce resource in the early game.

Where To Find Whetstone In V Rising

You can obtain Whetstones from world drops, and there are specific farm locations for this resource. However, early game limitations such as low gear levels may prevent you from accessing farming sites with stronger monsters.

Luckily, we know some spots that you can quickly clear even with a low level.

Whetstones Early Game Farm Locations

  • Bandit Armory Encampment in the northwest
  • Bandit Camp in the north
  • Bandit Stronghold in the south

The easiest way to farm Whetstones is by visiting the Bandit Armory. Inside, you must kill mobs and destroy boxes to obtain Whetstones and Stone Dusts. You need the latter to craft Whetstones, so you better loot them, too.

To unlock the Whetstone Recipe, you must first defeat Greyson the Armorer inside the Bandit Armory. Proceed to the top of the hill and look for him.

You’ll immediately notice the Armorer as he’s usually accompanied by two rangers. Be careful of his charge attack and special skillsets when fighting him!

Whetstone Crafting Requirements:

  • Furnace
  • Whetstone Recipe
  • 12 Stone Dust
  • 1 Copper Ingot

Good luck farming, guys!

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Marauders: All Quests and Vaults Locations Asteroid Mine

There are plenty of quests to complete and vaults to unlock in Marauders, particularly in the Asteroid Mine area.





As a game that belongs to the looter shooter genre, it’s not surprising that Marauders will have plenty of vaults lying around in the game. Not only that, but it also features a number of quests that you can pick up and complete.

One of the areas in the game called Iridium Asteroid Mine features a handful of quests as well as vaults that you can find during exploration. We’ll be going to go through all of their locations in this guide.

All Quests and Vaults Locations Asteroid Mine in Marauders

The Iridium Asteroid Mine is an area that comes with lots of huge, open spaces. This exposes you to lots of enemies, so I highly recommend moving through this area carefully.

If you’re on the lookout for quests and vaults inside the mine, then here are some that you can find in this area:

Turn on the Air

Credits: Spariha

To find this quest, you’ll want to head over to the room that says “Air” which you can find to the left of the Refinery. Once you get inside, go through the second door and make your way to the area with a small flight of stairs.

Instead of going down the stairs, go all the way left until you reach the Air Processor room. Once you’re inside the room, look for the locker to the right with the word “Air” on it. Simply activate the red switch to turn it on.

Investigate the Mines

For this one, you want to head over to the Furnace. Simply head down to the massive furnace to complete it.

Hold the Security Room

You can find this inside the Security room. However, you will need a lockpick in order to get inside. Inside, you’ll also find a chest just sitting on top of the bench to the right.

Retrieve Nickel

This one is really simple. All you need to do is look for a single Nickel Ore inside of the mine. There’s one on the bottom floor where you can find two corpses on the ground.

Vault Location

There’s a single vault in the mine, and you can find it past the Air Processor earlier. Once you enter the room, go through the second door and open the door down the stairs to the right.

Just follow the stairs and keep going down until you reach a room with a huge drill in the center. Then, turn left and go to the upper left corner to find a narrow pathway. Go through the narrow pathway, and you should then find the vault door.

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