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V Rising: Where to Catch Twilight Snapper

In V Rising, the Twilight Snapper is a rare fish needed to summon a Putrid Rat, with a relatively low drop rate.




Although V Rising is a game that revolves around Vampires and is full of dark mysteries, a few surprising factors make up the game.

Fishing, for example, is a great way to take a break in boss hunting or PvP endeavors, and you’ll even gain valuable loot if you’re lucky. The Twilight Snapper is one of the rarest fish, but catching it requires a lot of patience.

Where to Catch Twilight Snapper in V Rising

To catch a Twilight Snapper, you’ll need a Fishing Pole to cast a line. To get a Fishing Pole, you must defeat Rufus the Foreman in the Bandit Logging Camp. He is a level 20 Blood Unit that most players can fight within a few hours of playing the game.

You can easily track its blood using your Blood Altar. Once you obtain a Fishing Pole, equip it and find a white spot in a body of water to start fishing. This article will teach you about the Twilight Snapper’s whereabouts and its use.

Catching Twilight Snapper

The Twilight Snapper is best farmed in the location marked on the map shown above, particularly in Farmland areas. Although called a “Twilight” Snapper, players have reportedly caught the fish both day and night, so you will only need patience and the right place to get your hands on one.

However, it is recommended to fish at night to avoid getting hit by sunlight. Later on, the Twilight Snapper is vital to summon a Putrid Rat with a Vermin Nest. Thus, it is essential to try your luck in fishing any chance you get to avoid farming for it later.

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