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V Rising: Best Loot Location | Farm Guide

V Rising is a survival game at its core, so it’s only natural to farm as many materials and resources as possible to progress further. However, there are certain locations that are best for farming them.




Once you’ve reached the endgame in V Rising, your main priority will be to make your character as strong and powerful as possible. This is especially true in PVP servers where you’ll be constantly up against players throughout Vardoran.

As such, you’ll want to farm as many materials as possible to craft and upgrade a lot of stuff. If you hit a roadblock looking for an efficient way to farm loots, then this guide is for you.

Best Loot Location in V Rising

Before I get to tell you where the location is, you have to know that this location is a gold mine for a ton of materials. To be honest, almost EVERYTHING that you can find in other locations, you can find them here.

The only exceptions are Grave Dust, Scourgestone, and Pristine Hide.

That said, if you’re really aiming to farm all other materials in the game, this is your best spot. This also makes farming quite efficient since you don’t have to travel from one area to another just to obtain a specific material.

To get to this area, you want to head over to Silverlight Hills and look for the Vampire Waypoint. From there, just follow the road then go all the way to the left portion of the map. Once you arrive at the gates, instead of passing through, take the hole on the wall instead. This will take you to the boss fight against Azariel the Sunbringer.

As you break through the wall, just make sure to hug the back wall and make your way toward the dock. That’s basically the farming spot that you can endlessly farm for hours. There, you can find lots of Priests and Priestesses who will also drop higher tier hearts as well as Imperial Threads.

If you farm this location for hours, you should be able to bring with you tons of loots.

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