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V Rising: How to Get More Scourgestones

Scourgestones are a very vital crafting material in V Rising. You’ll need them to craft various goods, notably the Dark Silver Ingots. Luckily, there are ways to farm as many of this material as possible.




The Scourgestone is a unique material that is used as an ingredient to craft a variety of stuff. However, its most important use is for crafting Dark Silver Ingots.

Generally, you can craft this material using 1 Whetstone, 3 Grave Dust, and 3 Glass in the Furnace. The only problem is that this method is quite resource-intensive. So if you want tons of Scourgestones, your best option is to farm them.

If you don’t know where, then this guide is for you.

How to Get More Scourgestones in V Rising

As mentioned, you can use the recipe to craft Scourgestones in the game. However, if you’re low on resources, then the best option is to obtain them from certain mobs in certain locations. Specifically, you want to head over to these locations:

  • Ancient Villages in East and West Cursed Forest
  • Dunley Monastery located in the western part of Dunley Farmlands
  • Church of the Damned located on the northern part of Dunley Farmlands

As soon as you arrive in any of these locations, you’ll want to check coffins and chests and then deal with local mobs as well. If you can’t find any or just a few Scourgestones, simply return to your castle and wait for them to refresh.

You also want to defeat Scarecrows and Skeleton Bishop to farm this material. Of the two, the Bishop has the higher chance of dropping Scourgestones, not to mention it’s easier to kill as well. Lastly, you can also build Tombs using 80 Stones and 20 Bones.

The Tombs you build will spawn various mobs, including a Skeleton Bishop or Banshi. Both of them have a chance of dropping you some Scourgestones.

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