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V Rising Gloomrot: All Trader Shop Locations for Copper, Silver and Goldsun Coins

Learn the locations of the new traders in the Gloomrot update.




One of the many updates that Gloomrot introduced is the new trader shop locations. These shops will sell various items for Copper, Silver, and Goldsun coins.

That said, these new trader shops are located in the old areas of the map, so you might easily miss them if you’re just roaming around Vardoran without keeping them in mind.

Luckily, this guide will show you their exact locations so you can put all those coins to good use. You can actually find a handful of merchants across different regions of the map.

Let’s get started.

Where to Find the New Trader Shop Locations for Copper, Silver, and Goldsun Coins in V Rising Gloomrot

Source: Venatix

For Farbane Woods, there are two Shady Merchants Camps located in different parts of the region.

One is on the west side near the Bandit Armory (shown in the image above) and the other is on the east side right below the Bandit Trapper Camp.

Source: Venatix

Both camps will feature Shady Merchants who will offer a bunch of items you can buy. They’re as follows:

  • Shady Goods Dealer – Sells a bunch of ingredients for crafting as well as the Miner’s Mace.
  • Shady Gem Dealer – Sells various crude gems.
  • Shady Book Dealer – Sells various books to learn crafting recipes at the Research Desk.
  • Shady Herb & Potion Dealer – Sells a bunch of potions and herbs that you can plant.

Do keep in mind that all Shady Merchants only accept Copper coins as payment. Also, their inventory will refresh to show new offers from time to time.

Source: Venatix

Next is the Dunley Farmer’s Market which is north of the iron mines. Here, you’ll find the Rural Book Merchant and the Rural Goods Merchant.

Just like the previous merchants, they also refresh their inventories from time to time. However, you’ll need Silver coins this time in order to purchase any of their offers.

Also, you’ll need to transform into Human form in order to interact with any of the merchants in the area.

The last area will be the Brighthaven Trade District inside Silverlight Hills. Same as the previous one, you need to transform into a human in order to interact with them.

Also, try to avoid paladins while in the area as they can detect you even in human form.

That said, the merchants here will offer items in exchange for Goldsun coins. There are only two, however, which are the City Gem Vendor and the City Book Vendor.

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