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How to Get Dual Pistols in V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot

It’s time to blast your enemies from a distance with the dual pistols.




One of the newest additions to the Secrets of Gloomrot update is the dual pistols. However, if you want to get Dual Pistols, you’ll need to unlock its recipe first.

Just like the Greatsword, the Dual Pistols is one of the newest weapon types in the game which you can craft using Irons and Planks.

And just like the Greatsword, you need to defeat a certain V Blood boss to get dual pistols recipe so you can gain the ability to craft them. Here’s how.

Dual Pistols Recipe Location in V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot

Source: Venatix

For the Dual Pistols, you’ll need to defeat yet another vampire hunter. This time, who you’ll be after is Jade the Vampire Hunter.

Just like Tristan, Jade doesn’t have a set location as she’s often wandering around the map. Your best bet is to look for her between the Militia Encampment and the Cotton Farm.

Do keep in mind that Jade is way stronger than Tristan. She’s a high-level character, which means that you’ll need late-game gear if you want to have a chance at beating her.

She’s also quite annoying to fight against.

Source: Venatix

Most of Jade’s abilities revolve around her shooting bullets that can stun you and her going invisible for a certain duration. Since she’s a long-ranged fighter, going melee is probably your best strategy.

Personally, I would recommend using the Chaos Barrier ability once she starts using her Chaos bullet attacks. This way, you can block her attacks and fire projectiles at her at the same time.

Once you’ve defeated Jade, you’ll then be able to unlock the recipe and craft one at the Smithy.

Source: Venatix

Do keep in mind that the range of the Dual Pistols isn’t that high. This means you can’t rely on it too much when it comes to sniping enemies from afar.

However, it does have a bunch of amazing abilities.

One is the Fan the Hammer which knocks targets back in a cone in front of you. The other is Explosive Bullet which fires an explosive bullet after performing a dodge roll.

Overall, the Dual Pistols is a fun weapon type that makes for a great alternative to other ranged weapons like the Crossbow.

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