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V Rising Gloomrot: How to Unlock the Greatsword

Tear your enemies to pieces with the help of the massive Greatsword.




The Greatsword is a brand-new category of weapons that you can craft in the Gloomrot update for V Rising. But to do so, you need to unlock the Greatsword first.

As with most weapons in the game, this requires you to defeat a certain enemy in order to learn its recipe. Once you do that, you’ll then be able to craft it as long as you have the materials.

That said, here’s how you can unlock the Greatsword in the game.

How to Unlock the Greatsword in V Rising Gloomrot

Source: Venatix

In order to unlock the Greatsword, all you have to do is defeat a certain V Blood boss. However, this one isn’t new to the update; rather, he’s been here since the start of the game.

That’s none other than Tristan the Vampire Hunter.

Unlike most V Blood bosses in the game, Tristan doesn’t have a set location. Instead, you’ll find him roaming around the map, and you might even encounter him during your adventures.

Source: Venatix

If you’re specifically looking for Tristan, you’ll have a higher chance of finding him between the Militia Encampment and the Forgotten Cemetery.

That said, finding him is the easier part, as Tristan is a tricky opponent to fight against.

I recommend taking him on once you have Iron-tier gear, otherwise, you’ll only end up dying a lot of times trying to beat him. Besides, the lowest tier for a Greatsword is iron anyway.

As soon as you defeated Tristan, you should then be able to unlock the Greatsword recipe. This means you can now craft it in your Smithy.

For starters, an Iron Greatsword will cost you 15x Iron Ingot and 12x Plank.

Source: Venatix

Compared to other weapons, the Greatsword is a bit slower but hits harder. It also has a wide hitbox which allows you to hit multiple enemies with a single swing.

If you find yourself having to fight multiple enemies at once, then the Greatsword could be the best option.

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