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V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot Update – What to Expect | New Spells, Bosses and Weapons

The massive Secrets of Gloomrot update brings a lot of new content and overhauls!




V Rising is set to receive its first massive update on May 17th, 2023. This update is titled Secrets of Gloomrot, and it promises a slew of new content and changes for players.

You can expect brand-new weapon types, spells, enemies, bosses, buildings, crafting stations, and more! It’s a massive update, plus it’s all free.

Read on and let’s dive into what we can expect from this upcoming update!

What to Expect in V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot Update

Source: V Rising Official Website

Secrets of Gloomrot will be released on May 17th, 2023. One of the biggest things to expect is that it won’t just add content: it will also greatly expand the current content.

As such, the first new thing to expect is a revamp of all current biomes.

The developers announced that current areas will get a very thorough revamp to make them more interesting. For example, there’s a new vineyard in Silverlight and the Cursed Forest has been completely reimagined.

Additionally, they state that there will be loads of new points of interest in the Dunley Farms, which is a very barren area in its current state.

Source: V Rising Official Website

To top it all off, there will also be brand new Weather Hazards to make the weather system more meaningful.

Some of these weather effects will also be unique to specific biomes, such as the oppressive mist of the Cursed Forest and the constant lightning strikes in Gloomrot.

Source: V Rising Official Website

Lastly, Trading Hubs will be added to the game and spread across Vardoran. You can visit these places to purchase from NPC merchants, though it’s stated not all of them are kind to Vampires.

That’s only one part of the new update though, so keep reading because there’s even more!

Building Update

You will be able to customize your castle even more in the new update, thanks to the addition of a host of new buildable objects, colors, and decorations.

There will be new stairways and even garden mazes for you to build in your castle!

Additionally, you will finally be able to have multiple floors on your castle, allowing you to expand vertically. Make your castle truly stand out by reaching the heavens!

You will also get a new set of crafting stations to create more items. The currently known ones are the Jewelcrafter’s Station, Legendary Forge, Fabricator, and Leatherworking Station.

However, the actual function of these stations is currently unknown and we can only guess based on their names.

Lastly, the building interface will get an overhaul to make it more intuitive to use!

New Bosses and Enemies

This is the most secretive part of the Secrets of Gloomrot update, as the developers haven’t spoiled the surprise of what new bosses and enemies we will encounter yet.

However, they promise there will be 13 brand new Legendary V Bloods in Gloomrot and Vardoran. These new bosses will be sure to provide a tough challenge, and one of them is hinted at as “the ultimate weapon of war”.

Additionally, there will be 30 new enemy types, both human and monsters. You will find new natural and undead monsters all over Vardoran, while you will find mutants and experiments inside Gloomrot.

Combat Changes: New Spells and Weapons

Combat-wise, we can expect a lot of big overhauls in the Secrets of Gloomrot.

First of all, spells have been revamped to be more specialized and unique, which should make building your unique playstyle more interesting.

Additionally, we are getting a new spell school: Storm. This spell school will allow you to use the powers of lightning to destroy your foes!

Besides new spells, there are also two new weapon types getting added in this update. The powerful but slow Greatsword will allow you to cleave through enemies, while the Dual Pistols will allow you to decimate them with bullets.

Furthermore, Legendary Weapons are being added to the game. These are special ancient weapons with powerful unique effects!

Lastly, you will be able to craft jewels with the Jewelcrafter’s Station. Jewels offer a variety of unique modifiers for your spells, which will allow you to further customize your magic to your liking.

Miscellaneous Changes

Source: V Rising – Sinister Evolution Pack on Steam

To finish off, there will also be some smaller but important overhauls in the Secrets of Gloomrot update.

Traversal will be improved with new travel systems, including updates to current transportation methods and more teleporters in your castle.

A new set of cosmetics will also be available, including new hairstyles to truly make your vampire unique.

Finally, sound effects have been improved to provide a better ambiance and new music has been added to the game. Owners of the soundtrack will get these new tracks added to the soundtrack as well!

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