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How to Get Huge Party Penguin in Pet Simulator X

What’s better than a partying penguin? A huge partying penguin!




The Huge Party Penguin is one of the newest and rarest pets added to Pet Simulator X.

This pet is part of the new Update Hype Gift added on May 13th, 2023. It’s also one of the rarest pets in the game now, due to being new and having a very low drop rate.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting this pet!

How to Get a Huge Party Penguin in Pet Simulator X

Source: Telanthric

The only way to get the Huge Party Penguin is through Update Hype Gifts. There’s a very low chance to get one from each gift, however.

You can get these gifts by being online 1 minute before the weekly updates. The updates are released every Saturday at 11:00 AM CDT. Just make sure to be in-game before the update to receive the gift.

Source: Telanthric

There’s a fountain with a countdown to the next update in the Shop area, as well.

As of this writing, the Huge Party Penguin only has an extremely low 0.1% chance to appear when you open the gift.

It’s one of the rarest pets to get currently, so you will need to be extremely lucky to get it!

You can increase your chances by making multiple Roblox accounts and being online with all of them right before the update. This will get you more Update Hype Gifts but it will require you to use multiple devices.

Source: Telanthric

Alternatively, you should be able to trade with other players for the Huge Party Penguin. Of course, players will ask for quite a lot in trade for this pet, due to its high rarity.

Sadly, these are the only ways to try to get this highly coveted pet at the moment. Hopefully, the developers will provide more methods to increase the chances of obtaining it at some point!

Make sure to keep an eye on the Pet Simulator X social media accounts for any potential event announcements.

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