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Roblox Deepwoken: How to get Ironsing

Take control of metal with the Ironsing attunement!




Ironsing is one of the many attunement magics you can learn in Deepwoken for Roblox. This magic type will allow you to control metal in many offensive and defensive spells.

For example, you will be able to use the “Metal Armament” spell to summon a large blade to smite your foes or “Iron Skin” to turn your skin into metal for defense.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Spelltrainer for Ironsing and how to complete their quest.

How to Unlock Ironsing in Roblox Deepwoken

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You can unlock Ironsing, also known as Ironsinger, by finding the Ironsinger Adar and completing a quest for him.

To start, you will also need to get a Pluripotent Alloy, which is often dropped by bosses you defeat.

Next, bring this alloy to the blacksmith Rudral at the start of the Miner’s Landing. He will mention that his friend, Adar, is seeking one of these alloys and says that he has his lab “somewhere high up”.

Where to Find Ironsinger Adar

Now, head up to the second bridge of the Ignition Union Base, which is at the very top of Miner’s Landing.

Once there, you should look for some wooden scaffolding on one of the towers at the end of the bridge. Jump onto the scaffolding and carefully drop down the wooden planks until you find a window.

Go inside the window and drop down, then go through the archway into another room. You are finally at Adar’s lab, so you just need to speak with him.

Speak with him about the Pluripotent Alloy and exhaust his dialopgue. He will request that you get 6 different ores for him, just say that you’ll do it to continue.

Ores are found as blocky nodes all over the game’s world and require you to use a pickaxe to mine them.

These are the ores you will need and where to get them:

  • Iron, Gold, and Astruline: all 3 of these ores can be easily found in the Songseeker Caves in the Miner’s Landing area. Three birds with one stone!
  • Erisore: found at the Hidden Village in Lower Erisia.
  • Irithine: found at the Reservoir Cave below the Burning Stone Gardens in Upper Erisia.
  • Umbrite: can be found exclusively in the Depths. You will need to access it by finding a whirlpool at the Void Sea.

Bring all of these ores to Adar and he will reward you with an Alloyed Elixir.

Open your inventory and find the elixir, then drink it to unlock the Ironsinger attunement!

This unlock is for your account, not just your character, so your other characters will also have the attunement unlocked now. You won’t need to repeat the quest!

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