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Fortnite: How to Get Desdemona Skin Fast

Boost your account levels to unlock Underworld Desdemona quickly!




A fancy new Desdemona skin is available for all players of Fortnite, called Underworld Desdemona.

While this is a free skin, you will need to complete some quests to actually unlock it! There’s a time limit too, so you will want to unlock it as fast as possible.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what’s the fastest and easiest way to unlock this new skin.

How to Unlock Underworld Desdemona Skin Fast in Fortnite

Source: ShuffleGamer

You will first need to claim the free “Coldest Circles Quest Pack” to start unlocking the Underworld Desdemona skin.

This bundle is found near the bottom of the item shop, in the Special Offers & Bundles section. It’s available now on all platforms and it’s entirely free, so you just need to select it and claim it.

You will now need to complete 4 different quests to claim all of the contents of the bundle, with the Underworld Desdemona skin being the final unlock.

The quests simply require you to gain Account Levels, which is done by getting experience as you play. The final quest will require 50 levels, which can be quite a lot to get naturally.

Do note that this is a limited-time offer, however. The bundle can only be claimed until June 15th and the quests can only be completed until August 8th.

However, that’s more than enough time to unlock it if you use the method in this guide!

Now, you will want to start a game using an Island Code. Input the following code: 9455-9028-9619.

Also, make sure to set the game mode to private so that only you can join.

Using the Double Pump Wars XP Method

As soon as the game starts, turn around and look for a panel with a Brightcore Ore. Emote in front of it and pick up the ore it dropped. Now aim at the panel and interact with it.

You will now be brought to another room, where you will notice a 10-minute timer counting down. Just wait for it to finish for now.

After the timer is done, approach the green board and input the following code: 4-8-13. You can input it by interacting with the buttons on the board.

Next, aim to the right of the numbers and interact with the invisible button on the green board.

Move to the yellow board to your right and interact with the hidden AFK XP button and you will get your first set of free experience.

But there’s more! Emote in front of the panel on the yellow board and it will drop an item. Pick it up and use it by interacting on the panel to be brought to yet another room.

Now, you should notice some sort of castle ruins right in front of you. You will want to run to the back of it to find a small room with a chest.

Follow the arrow’s directions in these images and you should find the room easily!

Enter the room and then look for a white chest. Crouch in front of it and carefully aim at the wall behind the chest to find a secret button.

Interact with the secret button and you will be teleported back to the room with the colored boards. However, you will now receive a massive amount of experience!

All you need to do now is to just wait while your character gets loads of experience, but it will slow down after some time passes.

What to do Once XP Gains Slow Down

Once you start getting little or no XP, you can try to just leave the game and start another session. Repeat the process and you should get another huge boost of experience!

Alternatively, you will need to wait for another day. This is due to limitations with the game, but this is still the fastest method to unlock the Underworld Desdemona skin at the moment!

Just keep repeating the process at least once a day and you will be rocking that new skin in no time.

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