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V Rising: How to Unlock New Weapons Abilities | Weapons Progressions Guide

V Rising grants you complete control in building your own character with the various weapons and abilities available in the game.




V Rising is a new MMORPG survival game that relies heavily on combat. Of course, weapons play a huge role in the battle aspect of the game. To progress further, you need to have access to the best weapons and abilities. This is why it’s vital to upgrade your gear from time to time.

How to Unlock New Weapons Abilities in V Rising

All weapons in V Rising have a basic or primary attack which is readily available at the start of the game. However, you shouldn’t just settle for those. To become the most powerful Vampire, you will need to unlock more abilities.

Unlocking Weapon Abilities in V Rising will require you to use these weapons in a specific tier, which means one thing: you will need to upgrade. This article will teach you how to unlock the other two Weapon Abilities and what Weapon Abilities are available for every weapon.

Unlocking Weapon Abilities

Every weapon has its own specific Weapon Abilities. As a matter of fact, there can be three Weapon Abilities available for one weapon.

The primary one is the basic attack, which is already given at the start, while the other two are called Techniques. The first requires the weapon to be Copper or higher. In contrast, the second is unlocked when using weapons with Iron or higher tier resources.

You will need access to the Workbench to craft or upgrade your weapons. The Workbench will also show you what materials you need.

With that said, here are the Weapon Abilities available in the game:


  • Primary Attack: 35%/35%/40% physical damage
  • Technique 1: Whirlwind
  • Technique 2: Shockwave


  • Primary Attack: 45%/45%/50% physical damage
  • Technique 1: Frenzy.
  • Technique 2: X-Strike


  • Primary Attack: 50%/50%/60% physical damage
  • Technique 1: Crushing Blow
  • Technique 2: Smack


  • Primary Attack: 40%/40%/50% physical damage
  • Technique 1: A Thousand Spears
  • Technique 2: Harpoon


  • Primary Attack: 50%/50%/55% physical damage
  • Technique 1: Tendon Swing
  • Technique 2: Howling Reaper


  • Primary Attack: 27.5%/27.5%/35%
  • Technique 1: Elusive Strike
  • Technique 2: Camouflage


  • Primary Attack: 115% physical damage per hit
  • Technique 1: Rain of Bolts
  • Technique 2: Snapshot

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