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V Rising: How to Get Exquisite Hearts

Exquisite Hearts are a resource you use to make powerful and high-level gear in V Rising. However, the game doesn’t really tell you how or where you can obtain this material.




Once you have reached the endgame in V Rising, you’ll have to wear high-level gear in order to survive endgame content. However, in order to make powerful equipment, you’ll need to farm endgame resources as well. One of them is the Exquisite Heart.

Specifically, you’ll need Exquisite Hearts to craft Primal Blood Essence in the Blood Press. With the Primal Blood Essence, you’ll be able to further strengthen your castle and even enhance your gear. The problem with Exquisite Hearts is that they’re a rare drop, so you’ll have to spend a bit of time farming them.

If you don’t know how, then this guide is for you.

How to Get Exquisite Hearts in V Rising

The only way to get Exquisite Hearts in the game is to kill enemies that are level 68 and above in Silverlight Hills. However, it’s not a guaranteed drop, and enemies in that area will take a little while to respawn.

To get a better chance of dropping the item, head over to Brighthaven Cathedral. There, you’ll find a handful of level 68+ enemies.

Since enemies in this area use Holy attacks, you’ll want to use Holy Resistance Flasks. These will help increase your resistance to Holy damage as much as possible. Farming Exquisite Hearts take time. So if you’re not lucky, you’ll have to wait for the enemies in the area to respawn.

You can also try heading over to Emberleaf Grove, Fortress of Light, Brighthaven Square, and Harpy Nest.

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