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V Rising: How to Get Leather

Leather is quite an important material during the early parts of V Rising. You’ll be needing tons of it to craft a variety of armors as well as items that will help make your progression a lot easier.




With leather, you can craft various armors and items early on in the game. However, the game won’t actually tell you how to get this material. Therefore, so it can be quite confusing how to progress further in the early game. This is why I’ve created this guide to help solve that problem.

How to Get Leather in V Rising

If you progress a bit farther into the game, you’ll eventually need stronger armors. This will help you survive attacks from higher-level enemies. However, in order to craft these armors, you’ll need to obtain a lot of leather first. Or in this case, craft it.

To craft leather, you need to build the Tannery inside your castle. However, you can only unlock it after defeating Keely the Frost Archer who can be found in the Bandit Trapper Camp. After defeating her, you’ll then be able to build the Tannery along with a few recipes that require leather as its material.

You will need 160 Animal Hide as well as 8 Plank to build the workstation. Then, in the Tannery, you can start crafting your very own leather. To craft leather, you’ll need 17 animal hides from creatures such as wolves and bears.

If you’ve made it to this point, then you should already have a good amount of animal hides throughout your journey. With this, you can easily craft as many leathers as you want and proceed to upgrade your armors.

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