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V Rising: Best Axe Build For PVP And PVE

Players in V Rising may create their class-style gameplay and experience some solid weapons and spells that can dominate in both PVP and PVE




Depending on the mode you play, you’ll need to enhance your fighting abilities and to do so; you’ll probably require a superb assortment of weaponry. Fans believe axes to be the most potent weapons in V Rising, and we’re here to assist you in selecting your finest axes.

If you’re specifically going for PVP, I recommend checking out our best PVP builds article for some ideas.

Best Axe Build For PVP And PVE- V Rising

For both PVE and PVP, using axes could be the best approach. It’s also the finest for solitary grinding, self-survival, self-sustaining, healing and bare fighting and killing abilities.

This article will teach you all you need to know about the weapons, magic, and blood type used in the build.

Weapons Skills

The Fundamental Attack: Also known as the Primary assault, is a melee strike that does 45% of 55%physical damage.

Frenzy (Projectile): This does 100% physical damage to the first adversary. After successfully attacking, enter a state of turmoil, enhancing your movement speed by 25% and your attack speed by 30% for 0.8s.

X-Strike: Throw two axes in an X formation. Each strike does 85% physical damage and slows the opponent for 1.5 seconds. A 2s incapacitation is inflicted by striking the adversary where both axes connect.

Magical Abilities

Purgatory: Summon a pillar of energy that slows foes in an area for 1 second and heals friends for 40% of your spell power. After 1.2 seconds, the post explodes in a massive energy blast that does 75% magic damage to foes and heals friends for 75% of your spell power.

Sanguine Coil: Fires a projectile that does 75% magic damage and drains 40% of an enemy’s health. They receive 100% healing and 40% of your spell power when an ally is hit.

Crimson Beam (Ultimate ability): Channel an energy beam that delivers 150% magic damage to foes attacked and heals allies for up to 4 seconds at 100% of your spell power. Each strike on a target heals you for 25% of your spell power.

Blood Type

The Blood Type is also highly crucial in the construction because it affects your character’s ability to perform specific tasks. Therefore, the brute is the blood type you should choose for this construct.

The Brute Blood type will give you the increments listed below; Primary Attack life leech, which ranges from 7.5% to 12.5%, 7.5% to 15% increased primary attack speed, and the amount of healing received increased from 20% to 35%.

Another amazing axe build is the Berserker which is more of an infighter that relies in quickly dispatching enemies up close.

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