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V Rising: Fastest Way to Farm Stone and Wood | Resource Farm Guide

If you want to survive the various monsters and vampire hunters roaming the world in V Rising, you need to set up a base of operations.




Not only is setting up a base of operations imperative for storing resources and finding a safe space to sleep during the day, but it’s also your haven from other players and roaming NPCs. 

Fastest Way to Farm Stone and Wood | Resource Farm Guide- V Rising

However, to build a solid base, you will need a massive amount of Wood and Stone — so here is the fastest way to gain wood and stone in V Rising. We use farm stone and wood to build castles and upgrade our levels and weapons. 

Follow the Missions

Following the missions is step one to maximizing your wood and stone gain. You have the opportunity to get weapons to farm and get resources.

You want to craft the highest tier of Axe and Maces possible {Reinforced Bone Axes and Mace}, which will require a Bone Axe or Mace, four Planks (made at the Sawmill,) and plenty of stones. 

Upgrade Your Weapons

You should head out into the wilderness and start hitting any trees or stone columns you find. Keep an eye out for Copper nodes while you’re farming resources, and you should upgrade your weapons to gather resources faster.

Axes and Maces gain a 25% damage bonus to vegetation and stone, so always use them when picking the appropriate resources.

Build Your Base Near Resources

A way to secure resources that you either can’t carry or don’t want to risk giving up is to build your base near these resources.

Your base is a haven where you can create storage chests, and it’s a lot easier to make wood and stone runs when your base is nearby. Just build your base in a location with access to a road.

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