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V Rising: Best PvP Builds for Every Playstyle

The PvP mode in V Rising can be difficult to master, but certain builds can make it easier.




V Rising is well-known for its multiplayer mechanics. While exploring the open world is one component of the game, destroying your fellow players in PvP combat is a lot of fun.

However, certain PvP abilities are too OP and unfair. In this article, we will show you what builds are best to use to annihilate enemies in no time.

Best PvP Builds for Every Playstyle

Health regeneration, resistance, damage reduction, and movement speed are just some of the abilities that will help you become the most powerful vampire in the land.

As a result, it’s critical to maximize all of your abilities and have the best build in PvP. No matter what scenario, you’ll be able to take on any task that comes your way if you have a well-rounded skill set

PvP Builds

With that said, the following are the best PvP Builds in V Rising:

Frost Combo – strong in combo and good for duels

  • Preferred Weapons: Spear, Slashers, Crossbow/Axe
    • Combo: Chill enemies with Dash or Barrier ability, Save 1 Frostback Stack for Combo attacks

Bruiser – provides the highest mobility and is excellent for open-world PvPs

  • Preferred Weapons: Axe, Slashers, Sword/Spear
    • Combo: Dash in with Axe Q, win trades using Shields, escape with Mist Trance

Artillery – specializes in high ranged damage and is highly recommended in team fights

  • Preferred Weapons: Slashers, Axe, Crossbow/Sword
    • Combo: Fake Cast on Counters, Punish Counters using AoE skill, Weapon Skills for defense

Healing – good in team fights and provides strong team support

  • Preferred Weapons: Slashers, Axe, Scythe/Crossbow
    • Combo: Purgatory to slow enemies, Combo Ult with Purgatory’s slow

Mosquito – best for 1v1 scenarios and has excellent burst combos

  • Preferred Weapons: Slashers, Spear, Crossbow/Axe
    • Combo: Poke with Crossbow, Use Insect when enemy engages.

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