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V Rising: All Unholy Abilities Ranked

Unholy Abilities have always been about debuffing and weakening your opponents in battle to gain the upper hand.




There are five types of Abilities in V Rising and Unholy is one of them.These can have the same effect as a lethal combo if employed strategically. There are three main types when it comes to overall types.

All Unholy Abilities Ranked- V Rising

This guide will walk you through V Rising’s Unholy Abilities. These abilities come in various categories, Basic, Travel, and Ultimate. You can only have a certain number of each on your Hotbar at any given moment, so you’ll have to decide which ones are worth keeping around.

If you want to be the scariest creature of the night, these are all the best skills you should have in V Rising. I’ll provide you with a list of unholy powers and rankings on this page.

Corpse Explosion(Ultimate)

This causes AOE explosion, deals 125% magic damage and traps enemies for 1 second. To unlock, you need to kill Goreswire, the revenger in the southern part of Farbane woods. It is best for the introductory to unholy abilities. Other than that, it falls flat and has a D rank. 


Three projectiles are launched, which deal 40% magic damage each, knocking enemies back on hit and dealing 25% more damage for 5 seconds.

Next, you need to kill the V blood unit Nicholaus the fallen, who stays at the top of the forgotten cemetery in central Farbane woods. This ability is a game-changer, and it has a B rank. 


Summons AOE for 1.2 seconds that heals allies for 40% spell power and slows enemies. Explodes to deal 75% damage to enemies and heals allies in the same amount.

You need to defeat Christina, the sun priestess, and she is found around Dawnbreak village in the Dunley farmlands. It is the best ability.

Unstable Mosquito( Basic)

Summons mosquito to track enemies; mosquitoes explode to deal 60% magic damage and 25% more damage for 5 seconds. You need to kill Matika, the Curse Weaver found in the cursed forest, to unlock. It has a B rank.

Veil of Bones(Travel)

Let player turn invisible, increasing magic damage of projectile hit by 25%, which can bounce to nearby enemies and deal 25% more damage for 5 seconds. You also get from defeating Goreswire the ravanger. It’s an excellent travel skill.

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