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V Rising: Best Weapons to Use | Weapons Tier List

There’s a wide variety of weapons to choose from in V Rising. However, the best weapons to use will ultimately depend on your personal preference and playstyle.




V Rising features seven different weapon categories, 6 of which are melee and 1 which is ranged. These are the sword, axe, spear, slashers, reaper, mace, and crossbow. However, whether you’re purely focusing on PVE or PVP, you need to pick your weapon to effectively deal with any situation.

That said, if you are to ask me which is the best weapon in V Rising, that would be the sword. The reason is simple: it has a fast attack speed and its abilities are great for both dodging and chasing enemies.

While several weapons like the spear can do excellent as well, it does lack the mobility that the sword has.

Now, if you’re looking for the best weapons to use for either PVP or PVE, then this tier list is for you.

Best Weapons to Use | Weapons Tier List in V Rising

As mentioned, each weapon type varies in terms of damage and weapon skills. The sword being the best weapon is just a personal opinion, so feel free to pick a weapon that suits your playstyle. Still, here’s how I would rank them:

S Tier – Sword

The sword has a high attack speed as well as powerful skills which makes it an excellent all-rounder. It’s perfect for builds that focus on critical strikes since they can perform several attacks per second.

Also, its Shockwave skill can help you dodge enemy attacks just in case your dash is unavailable. It can also deal heavy damage to your targets.

A Tier – Spear, Axe, Mace

The spear could have been the best weapon I could recommend if not for its lack of AOE. Compared to the sword, the spear has no wide arcing hitbox, meaning you can only target enemies that are standing in a straight line in front of you. It does have a fast attack speed and even burst damage with its skills to make up for that.

Meanwhile, the axe has decent damage and attack speed, alongside some really powerful skills. The X-Strike is pretty good for crowd control as it can stun enemies hit by the two whirling axes. However, its overall DPS isn’t as good as both the spear and the sword.

Lastly, there’s the mace which is by far the hardest-hitting weapon type in the game. The only problem is that it has a slow attack speed, so its DPS falls short compared to the above weapons. It does have a gap-closing ability as well as an AOE attack that can stun enemies for a few seconds.

B Tier – Reaper and Slasher

In B Tier are the reaper and the slasher. Both are polar opposites of each other. The reaper has a slow attack speed in exchange for huge damage while the slasher has low damage but makes up for it with its fast attack speed.

However, their skills aren’t as great as the ones mentioned above. the reaper’s Tendon Swing works pretty much like that of the mace’s AOE skill, but its Howling Reaper skill can be a pain in the ass to land, especially in PVP.

On the other hand, the slasher features the Camouflage skill which allows you to go invisible for a few weapons as well as the Elusive Strike which is great for both dealing damage and dodging attacks.

While they might sound amazing, the slasher’s overall damage output just isn’t up to par with the higher-tier weapons.

C Tier – Crossbow

There’s a reason why the crossbow belongs to the lowest tier – it’s not meant to be used as your main weapon. Instead, think of it as a backup weapon that you can use in certain situations. Its slow reload speed and mediocre damage aren’t something to write home about.

However, its Snapshot skill can be useful for interrupting enemy spells, especially in PVP. Still, I don’t recommend using it as your main weapon in combat.

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