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V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot: How to Increase Blood Quality of Prisoners

Secrets of Gloomrot has added a new item that allows you to make prisoners better!




Blood quality is an important mechanic in V Rising, as it provides a variety of buffs. However, the best buffs are reserved for pure 100% quality!

Thankfully, the new Secrets of Gloomrot update has added an item that will allow you to improve the quality of your prisoners! It’s not without its risks, however.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about improving the quality of your prisoners’ blood.

How to Increase Blood Quality of Prisoners in V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot

Source: Skully Sinful

The only way to increase your prisoners’ blood quality percentage is by using one of the new items added in Secrets of Gloomrot.

Irradiant Gruel can be fed to your prisoners to increase the quality of their blood by 1% or 2%! However, it also has a 35% chance to turn them into a raging mutant.

It’s a gamble, so you will mostly want to use this method on prisoners with a naturally high quality of blood. It’s much less of a risk to improve it if it’s already high!

Source: SoBadStrange

Irradiant Gruel can be crafted at any Alchemy Station using the following materials:

  • Plague Brier x15 – a new yellow flower found all over Gloomrot South. You should find it naturally as you explore Gloomrot, it doesn’t have a specific spot to find it.
  • Mutant Greatse x15 – frequently found all over Gloomrot, but is most common in the Pools of Rebirth region in Gloomrot South.

When you have the materials, just head to an alchemy station and make as many Irradiant Gruels as you want.

Source: Skully Sinful

Now just approach the prisoner whose blood quality you wish to increase and feed them the gruel. They will consume it in 3 seconds, at which point they will either get better blood or turn into a monster!

Source: Skully Sinful

So, there you have it. That’s how you can increase the quality of your prisoners’ blood in this game! It’s a fairly big gamble, due to the relatively high 35% chance of failing, but it’s good to have the option.

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