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V Rising: How to Find and Mine Iron

Iron is a crucial resource that you’ll need to craft powerful gear, upgrade your castle, and craft a handful of other items. However, you can only farm it in one location.




Iron is the next step to natural progression in the game right after copper. Eventually, all of your copper equipment will no longer remain viable in the latter stages of the game. At this point, your next course of action is to mine iron.

In this guide, I’ll show you how you can find iron and mine as many of it as possible.

How to Find and Mine Iron in V Rising

The game doesn’t really tell where you can find iron. Unlike stone and copper which can be found all throughout the world, iron can only be found in a certain location which is known as the Haunted Iron Mine.

To get to this area, you want to head over south of Dunley Farmlands. By far the fastest and easiest way to get to the area is to take a small isle connecting Dunley Farms and Farbane Woods.

Mining the Mineral

The most efficient means of mining iron is to use Merciless Copper weapons as they’re better than the normal Copper ones. You can find lots of nodes throughout the mining area. Once you hit one with your Merciless Copper weapon, you’ll then be able to extract Iron Ore. As soon as you gathered enough Iron, go back to your castle and smelt them into Iron Ingots.

However, since you won’t be able to teleport with it in your inventory, you’ll need to travel manually while avoiding the sun most of the time.

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