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V Rising: Leaked New Legendary Armor Sets and Weapons

V Rising’s armor and weapon sets don’t have that much variation currently, but the leaked legendary sets might just change that in the upcoming updates.




As of right now, the Bloodmoon Set is the best set you can obtain in V Rising. However, if you play around with the admin command, you’ll be able to spawn a handful of armors and weapons that aren’t in the game just yet.

Let’s have a look at what these are.

Leaked New Legendary Armor Sets and Weapons

If you know how to use the admin command, then you’d be able to obtain these gear yourself. However, you can only do it on private mode since you won’t be able to access the command when playing with others. Let’s have a look at the armors first.

New Armor Sets

That said, let’s have a look at the interesting Twilight Set. What this set does is grant you immunity to sun damage whenever you’re out there in the open during daylight. To activate the effect, you need to equip all four pieces of the set.

As you might have already known, the sun is one of your biggest enemies in V Rising. Stay long enough under the sun, and you’ll receive heavy damage over time. With this set, however, it seems like it will completely change the way you play the game.

From what it seems, it basically turns you into a daywalker, allowing you to freely roam Vardoran during the daylight. It also means you can raid human villages during the day without the fear of the sun.

However, there’s no way to know if we can really get our hands on this set or if it’s even obtainable at all.

Another armor set, which is a Legendary this time, is the Death Set. This set doesn’t have any other effect besides its basic stat, essentially making it the starter set for the next tier. This means that we can expect even more Legendary armor sets to come to the game eventually.

New Weapons

There are also Legendary weapons that have a gear level of 27, similar to the only Legendary item in the game currently which is the Blood Key. What’s exciting is that these weapons have their own models, so it means that they could potentially be unique weapons compared to the ones we have so far.

What’s even more exciting is that one of the materials needed to craft these weapons is also in the game. This is a material known as Titan Core. However, there’s no known way to obtain that currently.

This could potentially mean we’ll be farming them from Titans which could be a new enemy that will soon make it to the game.

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Game News

How All The Characters Work In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

An unlikely assemble.

Nicole Barelli



how all the characters work in marvels midnight suns

Midnight Suns is Marvel’s newest approach to the video game world, a tactic RPG that visits the darkest corners of the Marvel Universe. The Hunter is assembling an unlikely team of superheroes and dangerous supernatural warriors to fight against the Mother of Demons’ apocalyptic threats. Do you know which characters are in the game and their strengths and weaknesses? That’s what this guide is here for!

Marvel’s Midnight Suns – How All The Characters Work

Here’s a list of the characters available at the game’s launch:


how all the characters work in marvels midnight suns2

The Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man is Midnight Sun’s most efficient Hero. While he will not deal tons of damage, he has the potential to do a lot with little to no cost.

His rapid-fire agility combined with Cards that allow him to perform area attacks, including environment attacks, without Heroism cost and adding more moves to the turn can be a game-changer when used wisely.

His THWIP! Card is also one of the best crowd control moves in the game, not only preventing targets to move but also removing their protection.

Captain America

how all the characters work in marvels midnight suns3

The Pride of America is the juggernaut of Midnight Suns. While Cap has offensive moves (like his Legendary Card that converts Block to damage all enemies in a line), his major strength lies in defence.

He acts as a shield for the rest of the team, able to divert enemies’ attention to himself and absorb insane amounts of damage.


how all the characters work in marvels midnight suns4

While Captain America’s focus is on defence, Blade is a killing machine! He easily alternates between his favoured katana and ranged weapons to deal vast amounts of damage.

He can also infect enemies with Bleed, which deals damage over time on enemies and heals himself. In short, Blade is your damage-heavy guy, but he doesn’t do a lot more, so you should take that into consideration when devising your strategy.

Scarlet Witch

how all the characters work in marvels midnight suns5

Wanda Maximoff is the queen of area-of-effect damage! Her Cards can increase her AOE damage even more while also building up Heroism.

She can debuff enemies and grant resistance to allies, and one of her coolest Heroic abilities forces enemies to attack one another.

All of this done at a caster-friendly distance. The Scarlet Witch can also shroud herself in magic in case any enemy approaches, but you might want to consider placing a defender near her, especially in situations where Wanda will be crucial to your strategy.


how all the characters work in marvels midnight suns6

Marvel’s hot-tempered Canadian is a tank who put his deadly claws to use in excellent melee chain-attack skills.

Wolverine can taunt enemies, diverting enemies’ attention to himself, making him a great damage mitigator as well as a damage dealer. His healing factor ensures he can survive the damage he bravely embraces, and there are many Cards that improve his healing powers.

Captain Marvel

how all the characters work in marvels midnight suns7

Captain Marvel also fits into a tank role, but contrary to Captain America, her Binary Mode makes a good argument for playing her offensively.

This mode is activated after playing three Captain Marvel Card plays, and it doubles the damage of all her abilities! One Step Ahead is a Card you’ll want in your deck as it makes it easier to reach Binary Mode. Destroy the demons with cosmic energy!


how all the characters work in marvels midnight suns8

Sister Grimm (Nico for friends) is a character who thrives on randomness. She can be a great defence by healing allies and dealing a lot of damage, but she cannot target the enemies she will affect.

She also has abilities to generate Heroism.

Ghost Rider

how all the characters work in marvels midnight suns9

Ghost Rider can wipe out enemies, but there’s a catch: most of his Cards have a negative effect like stealing his HP or discarding random cards. This makes Ghost Rider a risk-reward character that demands more strategy to use well than most of the cast.

Additionally, he can regain health by consuming the soul of knocked-out enemies. But even that comes with a downside, so pay attention!

Doctor Strange

how all the characters work in marvels midnight suns10

While Ghost Rider is a risky character, Doctor Strange is one of the safest. His aim is to enhance any team he’s in with buffs, resistances, and other utilities. And that’s not to mention his passive ability to generate Heroism at every turn!

Since Strange can work in any team, a good idea is to place a defender or damage mitigator close to him.


how all the characters work in marvels midnight suns11

Magik’s portal generation powers allow her to crash enemies against one another, hitting more enemies in a single turn than most of the other characters can.

She can also shift enemies around the battleground, giving you opportunities to change and improve your strategy.

Iron Man

how all the characters work in marvels midnight suns12

Iron Man is a jack-of-all-trades who can adapt to any enemy or situation thanks to his armour’s numerous weapons and gadgets.

He counts on abilities that benefit only himself and abilities that benefit the whole team. Keep in mind that his damage is increased by the team’s redraws.

The Hunter

how all the characters work in marvels midnight suns13

Last but not least, the Hunter’s abilities will depend on each player since she can be customised to focus on damage, control, support, mitigation, or any combination thereof.

I hope this guide was useful, and you’ll feel better prepared to face the Mother of Demons!

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