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V Rising: How to Get More Scales

Scales are crafting materials, obtained through fishing or killing specific monsters, which are used for a lot of recipes in V Rising.




V Rising is a survival MMORPG game currently in its Early Access, where you need to gather a large number of resources to craft various things like gear, weapons, and structures for your castle. Some of them can be acquired through fishing or by killing monsters.

Like any other survival game, one of the most crucial aspects is your resources, so it’s important to farm for them whenever you have the chance.

How to Get More Scales in V Rising

Scales are one of the rarest crafting materials in V Rising since there are only a few ways of getting them. The most common method to get one is through Fishing. But there is no guarantee you’ll get it right away since other items can also be obtained. This article will teach you how to get more scales and where to farm for them.

Getting More Scales

Although fishing is the most common way to get Scales, there is another technique to grind for this rare material. And that is through killing monsters who may drop the item.

One of the best places to fish and farm for Scales is Brighthaven Dock. It is highly recommended to defeat the monsters lurking in the swamp area since they can also drop Scales. If you can find the rare Earthworm Gem in this area, you can be rewarded with 70-100 Scales per kill.

However, the simplest and most efficient way of getting more scales is defeating spiders in the Spider Cave. Each spider will award you 10 Scales. There are a lot of them lurking in the area, so you can consistently farm for Scales without worrying about the scarcity of monster spawns.

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