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V Rising: What Will the New Update Include

Stunlock Studios, the developers of V Rising, thanked players for their support and hinted at a major update on their recent post.




V Rising has rapidly exploded into one of the most popular games on Steam since its early access launch nearly two weeks ago.

The game has already surpassed one million players. With so many people playing, developer Stunlock Studios has announced that it will be patching the game on a regular basis, fixing what needs to be fixed. They also hinted at a major patch in the coming fall.

What Will the New Update Include in V Rising

V Rising is currently in early access, and the game still has a long way to go before it’s ready for its 1.0 release as per Stunlock Studios. Only time will tell what the game will look like in the future. However, some ideas were presented.

Stunlock Studios is confident about fleshing out the game for its full release, given the massive amount of support in the early access launch. This article will tell you what future updates were hinted at by the game developers on their website.

Future Updates

V Rising is still in early access and is yet to have a major update. For the time being, the focus is on bug fixes, balance adjustments, server optimization, and numerous quality enhancements.

However, Stunlock Studios promised to properly assess the massive amount of feedback they received from players.

 It was then further hinted that a major update might be coming this fall. According to their blog post, players can expect additional V Bloods with new challenges, more regions to explore, and other ways to enhance your castle for you to express your strength as a powerful Vampire.

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