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V Rising: How to Change Appearance Guide

V Rising has a good level of character customization upon creating your first character. However, there’s also a way to change your character’s appearance inside of the game.




V Rising has a pretty decent character creator that offers a good range of customization. Here, you can choose your vampire’s appearance, gender, and so on. However, if you come to the point that you want to change the way your character looks, then there’s only one way to do so.

How to Change Appearance Guide in V Rising

As mentioned, you have pretty decent customization options when creating your character in V Rising. However, if you want to change your appearance mid-game, the only way to do so is through a Gothic Mirror.

With a Gothic Mirror, you can change your vampire’s face, body type, skin tone, features, hair, and accessories. So it’s pretty much like creating your character during the character creation skin. It’s worth noting that there’s no limit to how many times you can change your character’s appearance.

All you have to do is walk up to a Gothic Mirror and interact with it.

After that, simply set your preferred changes and save your character. The changes should then automatically apply upon exiting the mirror. To craft a mirror, you’ll need 8 Wood Planks and 4 Copper Ingots.

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