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V Rising: Where to Get Sulphur Ore Location Guide

Sulphur Ores are refined into Sulphur which you can then use to craft a variety of items. They can be found in various locations on the map.




Sulphur Ore is a mineral that you use to make Sulphur, which you will then use to craft various items. You can find it in various locations throughout Vardoran, and just like any other mineral, you have to mine it.

Their nodes can be easily distinguished by their yellowish layer, similar to Rock Nodes but with a pale yellow hue.

While you can find these all throughout various locations, they can be hard to come by at times. Luckily, there are specific spots to check out if you just want to farm sulphur ores specifically. This guide will show you where these spots are.

Where to Get Sulphur Ore Location Guide in V Rising

To get tons of Sulphur Ore, you’ll want to head over to the Bandit Sulphur Quarry which is located just west of Farbane Woods. It’s by far the best location to farm Sulphur Ores which you can then smelt into Sulphur via a Furnace. You can also find these nodes scattered all throughout the region, but the Quarry is by far the most concentrated spot for them.

You can also find a handful of these nodes throughout Silverlight Hills. The only problem is that the region has many high-level enemies, so it’s not advisable to head over there early in the game.

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