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Diablo Immortal: Which Class to Play | Class Tier List

In Diablo Immortal, some classes are better than the rest, so it’s essential to consider which class you will choose.




Diablo Immortal is coming soon, and veteran players can expect to see a lot of familiar elements. These include countless different enemy types, the same leveling-up patterns, unlocking specific skills, and constantly obtaining better pieces of gear.

Of course, Diablo also retains its Class system when it comes to Character Selection. As such, this guide will teach you which classes are best used in certain situations.

Which Class to Play in Diablo Immortal

One of the first things most fans will notice is that the six playable classes are returning characters from previous games. As a result, many veterans of past Diablo games may already know what to anticipate from the various classes in Diablo Immortal.

If you’re a new player or a returning player with no idea what class to choose, you can check out this tier list, ranking classes from worst to greatest.

Class Tier List

While all classes are viable in Diablo Immortal, some may have an easier time than others. Although playing the class that you genuinely enjoy is highly recommended, this might not be the case if you’re still new to the game.

Thus, this tier list might help you in your choice. Here are the character classes ranked from worst to greatest in Diablo Immortal:


The fact that the Wizard can make your life in Diablo Immortal easier in a game where AoE skills are highly prioritized to kill the most enemies faster, it does nothing to address their primary flaw.

Wizards are considered the worst class because of their weak defenses. After all, they are considered “glass cannons” due to the considerable damage they deal but the significantly low defense they have.

Only consider playing the Wizard class if you’re an experienced player who knows how to time your attacks without getting wiped out fast.


The Monk is, without a doubt, one of the best classes in the game. They can stay safe while putting constant pressure on enemies. They also strike a good mix between powerful single-target strikes and AoE burst damage for dealing with bosses and groups of enemies.

Aside from that, monks can grant useful buffs to their teams. However, the only downside of this class is its survivability. This class is also recommended for veteran players who know how to evade attacks and stay safe.

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters are best at killing bosses and elite enemies with tremendous burst damage. While they have considerable AoE potential, this is not their strongest suit.

As a result, they may lag behind when it comes to clearing, which is to be anticipated given that this isn’t their expertise. Aside from that, Demon Hunters are just as vulnerable as Monks; therefore, the player must learn to maneuver and evade to survive.


One of the “easy” classes on this list aside from the Barbarian. This is because both of these classes have excellent defense and big HP pools, allowing for a large margin for error and making them perfect for newbies.

The Crusader is your best bet if you want a strong defensive melee combatant with many AoE potential and a character that can grant significant party buffs while being easy to play.


The Necromancer is high on this list because they can get their minions to fight and tank for them, making this one of the most accessible classes to play. This class is the best when playing solo.

It can clear even the most challenging material on its own, but at a slower rate than other classes due to their lowered damage.


The Barbarians maintain a similar effortless gameplay style to prior editions. They’re at the top of this list because, like Crusaders, they’re straightforward to play and have high defenses.

However, they can also deal ridiculous amounts of damage to single enemies and large groups. If you want to have a good time without giving much thought to your class choice, then go with this class.

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