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Diablo Immortal: Legacy of the Horadrim Guide

The Legacy of the Horadrim can significantly upgrade your skills and strengthen your character in Diablo Immortal.




In Diablo Immortal, you can enhance your character in various ways, from grinding levels to using the game’s numerous gems and gear. The Legacy of the Horadrim is one such artifact.

When used correctly, it can greatly enhance your talents and reward you significantly. If you want to learn more about the Legacy of Horadrim, how to unlock it, and the various perks and prizes you can get from using it, you’ve come to the right place!

Legacy of the Horadrim Guide in Diablo Immortal

The Legacy of the Horadrim are vessels that can be found everywhere across Diablo Immortal’s universe. It is a character progression mechanism that allows you to give your non-primary characteristics a permanent boost.

Life, Damage, Armor, Armor Penetration, Resistance, and Potency are all enhanced by this trait. The vessels are generally defended by formidable opponents, but you need to unlock them first.

Unlocking the Legacy of Horadrim

To unlock, you must be at least level 49 and finish 10 Challenge Rifts. You will be rewarded the Caldesann’s Compassion vessel and gain access to the Legacy of the Horadrim quest once you have finished the tenth Challenge Rift.

Finish this mission as quickly as possible because it allows you to activate and employ the Legacy of the Horadrim vessels. Follow the quest to Ibn Fahd’s Sanctum to activate the Legacy of the Horadrim vessels.

At the Elder Rift entrance, interact with the statue behind another statue and enter the portal that will appear. This will lead you to the sanctum.

You can interact with the shrine once inside the sanctum to insert the vessels and activate their power to obtain the buffs they grant. Since the vessels can be enhanced, the actual stats are only a starting point for their potential.

The following vessels can be obtained:

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