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How to Get 2000 Points Quickly in Diablo Immortal

Rack up a large number of rewards in the new Accursed Towers mode!




The new Accursed Towers mode is out for Diablo Immortal.

It features a sort of score rush mode: players will have to rush through a tower, killing foes with a time limit. As they kill foes, they will accrue points in the form of Cursed Shards which will grant rewards!

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can start racking up a massive amount of Cursed Shards!

How to Get High Scores in Diablo Immortal Accursed Towers

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

To get a high score, you will have to kill large amounts of enemies quickly and never stop moving.

It’s highly recommended to play this mode with a full party of four. More players will make it easier to kill enemies, which is key to getting higher amounts of Cursed Shards.

Ideally, there should also be at least one Barbarian at the party. They should also have the Swistwing essence on their Leg Armor to greatly increase their movement speed.

Stick to your party as much as possible and gather time bonuses. These will give you more time in each Accursed Towers run. More time will mean more Cursed Shards per run.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Killing bosses will also net you a time bonus, though you don’t need to kill them as soon as they appear if you aren’t ready yet.

As the timer starts to run out, you might want to consider letting the player with the lowest score run ahead.

This will allow them to find and destroy Curse Sources, allowing their teammates to take down enemies. However, this player will get fewer Shards themselves at the end, so it’s a sort of sacrifice.

Lastly, don’t stop to pick up Curse Shards while the timer is still active. Don’t worry, you’ll get to pick them up once the timer reaches 0. Or you can just turn on auto loot!

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

On that note, don’t rush to leave back to base once you’re done. Wait for your teammates to collect their shards!

Once one player leaves, a timer will start for the others. When the time is up, they will be forced to return to base even if they didn’t pick up all the loot.

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