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Diablo Immortal: Reforge Stones Guide

Reforge Stones are rare items used to enhance your Primary Gear in Diablo Immortal.




Diablo Immortal, the most recent installment in the Diablo series, was recently released. Many old and new fans are busy embarking on their journey and leveling up. The most crucial aspect of Diablo game advancement is gaining better gear.

There are Common, Magical, Rare, and Legendary gears in the game, but their attributes may not be what you want once they’ve been upgraded. You can use Reforge Stones to change this.

Reforge Stones Guide in Diablo Immortal

Reforge Stones are pretty challenging to find. The Hilts Merchant is one place where you can get them. They’re available daily, but you can only get eight at a time. The Battle Pass is the other option.

These stones are used to change your upgraded gear’s attributes. As a result, once you’ve reached the endgame or maxed out your equipment, it’s recommended to Reforge it.

Reforging Gear

When your gear reaches rank 6, 11, or 16, you can apply Reforge Stones to it. Visit a Blacksmith and select Reforge from the menu. If you have the needed resources, you will be able to Reforge your Gear and earn unique attributes.

There is a different type of Reforge Stone called Family Reforge Stones. They are far superior to regular Reforge Stones and are easier to obtain. They have the unique ability to grant a Family Set bonus attribute if all of your gear contains all of that Family’s Reforge Stones.

There are a total of six types, and each provides the following Family Set bonus:

  • Barrier Family: You gain a 2% chance to gain an absorption shield for 6 seconds when attacked.
  • Jolt Family: You gain a 2% chance to immobilize your attacker when attacked.
  • Ravager Family: You gain a 2% chance to cause a corpse to explode, damaging all nearby enemies when you kill an enemy.
  • Tremor Family: Your Primary Attacks have a 2% chance to inflict damage and stun nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds.
  • Vengeance Family: Your Primary Attacks have a 2% chance to increase all damage you deal by 100% for a second.
  • Wildfire Family: You gain a 2% chance to summon a fireball-spitting Hydra when you kill an enemy.

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