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Diablo Immortal: How to Turn On Auto Loot

In Diablo Immortal, turning on the auto loot feature is very important so you won’t accidentally miss out on rare items.




Diablo Immortal, Blizzard Entertainment’s first project in mobile gaming, is here, and players are eager to know all of its mechanics and gameplay.

The game is based on the popular Diablo franchise, and it requires you to slay demons while collecting various things. Of course, the easiest way to collect is to enable auto-loot. This post will show you how to turn on auto-loot and make your farming life in Diablo Immortal easier.

How to Turn On Auto Loot in Diablo Immortal

As in previous Diablo installments, players need to walk around a lot to explore and obtain items. While some players like to control what items their characters get manually, it is definitely easier and more efficient to auto loot in Diablo Immortal.

Since there is so much loot to grab in this massive mobile game, picking items manually may result in you missing some of them. Fortunately, this one setting will save you a lot of time and effort.

In Diablo Immortal, here’s how to enable auto pick-up or auto loot:

  • Press the three horizontal buttons at the top right of the screen to bring up the Menu.
  • At the top right, tap the Gear symbol to access Settings.
  • Scroll down to “Auto Pick Up” under General.
  • To auto-loot items, check the box beside Normal, Magic, and Rare. It’s also okay if you only want it enabled for Rare things or whatever you want. It will totally be up to you. Customize as much as you like.

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