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V Rising: Beginner’s Guide | Everything You Need to Know

The newly released V Rising by Stunlock Studios is more than just vampires and survival; you will need the most help you can get.




Stunlock Studios’ V Rising is an online, open-world Vampire survival game. As a vampire, you must emerge from the ashes to seek blood from villages dispersed around Vardoran’s ever-changing and enigmatic landscape.

In your journey, you will try to reclaim control and conquer the land of the living, build castles, explore new technology, and team up with allies while avoiding the searing sun at all times.

Beginner’s Guide in V Rising

As a new Vampire in V Rising, you will need to learn how combat and exploration work, as well as the game’s mechanics. There are a total of four game modes (PvP, PvE, Full Loot PvP, Duo PvP) available at launch.

To help you get more familiar with the game, we have provided you with beginner tips and tricks below.

Beginner Tips & Tricks

Here are some useful tips and tricks to help you get started:

Vermin Trap

You need to preserve blood to cure your injuries, and while humans provide the best, they aren’t always available. Rats are frequently the only alternative, but you’d prefer to wait for them to go to you instead of hunting them. You’ll be told to construct a lair early on, which will eventually become a castle.

A Vermin Trap may be found on the Refineries tab of the Build menu (accessible by pressing B). You’ll be up to your ankles in rats in no time if you build it and feed it plant fiber and bones.

Blood Type

Keep in mind that what you eat affects your blood type. For example, you can get the “Frailed” blood type by eating rats or low-quality hearts, and if you only eat frailed blood, you will become weak.

Drinking the same blood type gives benefits, which you can see in the Journal tab. You won’t be able to focus on one type for long, but it’ll be worthwhile if you can.

Different humans impart different blood, and you can even swap perks by sharing your blood with allied vampires.

Raid Humans

You’ll need special materials by foraging in the early game. Take, for instance, paper. To access a random research technology, you’ll need 50 sheets, which you can only receive as uncommon drops from killing humans. Only attacking villages with workshops and smiths will yield Stone Dust and Whetstones on a regular basis.


Weapons and armor have durability, and they will degrade with repeated usage. You can quickly fix objects at the Simple Workbench, but you’ll have to spend valuable materials.


A crossbow-wielding hunter appears early on and holds the recipe for a Woodworking Station, allowing you to create a Hunter’s Crossbow. Be sure to obtain this blueprint as the weapon’s usefulness is outstanding. It can be used to “pull” specific enemies from guard stations and patrol routes and do damage from a distance to over-leveled enemies like the Stone Golem.

Gather Loot

Trees produce lumber, rocks have stone, and plants are the source of fibers, among other things. These might sound simple, but you’ll eventually encounter rare items with extremely low drop rates. Build chests in your lair to keep both what you need and what you don’t. You never know when something will come in handy.

Vampire Lockbox

PvP players will need to invest in a Vampire Lockbox, prohibiting other players from robbing you even if they conquer your castle. It can be used to store weapons and rare or uncommon items.

Travel Light

Vampire Waygates are an excellent means to travel and can also serve as respawn sites if you are knocked out. However, you can’t move any crafting materials through them. Before you go out, make sure your inventory is clear of resources, and keep in mind that you’ll have to return and take whatever stuff you find.

Stay in the Shadows

Getting exposed to sunlight can kill you in seconds. As much as possible, stay close to the treeline and pay attention to which way the shadows are cast. You’ll live longer if you stay on the dark side of things.


Make sure to keep your Refineries running. Refining raw materials take a long time and are very expensive. It takes 20 pieces of timber to make one plank of wood in around 30 seconds. Fortunately, as long as your Castle Heart is fuelled by Blood Essence, you can feed raw materials to your refinery machinery and do whatever you want.

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